Thinking about joining Food for Thought?

It’s easy too! We have super cool meetings every Monday at 7pm in Friends 208.

Food for Thought is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving children around the world who are denied access to basic living necessities, a quality education, and proper nutrition.

Through global awareness campaigns, educational programs, and fundraising activities, Food for Thought works to empower persons of all ages to become active in their local and global communities.

Food for Thought was founded in 2008 by Elizabeth Stoltz. To date, Food for Thought has raised over $20,000 to fight childhood malnutrition in Ethiopia. Food for Thought also hosts an annual Global Concerns Student Workshop to facilitate discussion and debate among college and high school students about humanitarian crises.

The Food for Thought Ithaca College chapter will be added to a growing community of students across the country committed to improving the lives of children around the world.

Volunteers Lilly, Elizabeth, Amanda and Emily at the 2011 Walk for Plumpy'nut
Volunteers Lilly, Elizabeth, Amanda and Emily at the 2011 Walk for Plumpy’nut

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