Walk for Plumpy’nut

is our largest annual fundraiser. All of the donated proceeds will go towards purchasing Plumpy’nut to distribute through Concern Worldwide’s feeding centers in Ethiopia.


for the 2013 Walk for Plumpy’nut!!!

September 21st, Cass Park Pavilion

10 am Registration Begins

11 am Walk Begins

$10 Pre-Registration before September 1st

$15 to Register at the Walk

Now wait a minute… you’re telling me

Plumpy’nut is no ordinary peanut butter!

It’s a therapeutic food that is revolutionary in the fight against hunger. Peanut paste, vegetable oil, powdered milk and essential vitamins and minerals are packed in a foil packet to provide severely malnourished children with a high protein and high energy packed therapeutic food. Powdered milk formulas were previously used as the standard malnutrition aid, but the formulas were nowhere near as pragmatic as Plumpy’nut. Unlike powdered milk, Plumpy’nut doesn’t need to be mixed with clean water, a precious commodity in Africa, or be kept chilled. Although the two are equal in cost, Plumpy’nut requires no special preparation and is much easier to distribute. In the past, mothers would have to travel for hundreds of miles, leaving their families and children alone for days at home, while they cared for their starving child at a therapeutic feeding station. Now, parents can simply rip open the foil Plumpy’nut packet and feed it to their children at home. By raising money for Plumpy’nut, Food for Thought is supporting a practical and effective tool to reverse malnutrition of hundreds of children.


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Walk for Plumpy'nut is October 7th! Pre-Register Today!